Tuesday, January 10, 2012

9 Key Traits of ‘Next Generation’ Nonprofit Organizations

In addition to the Daring to Lead 2011 study, my friends Marla Cornelius and Tim Wolfred at CompassPoint Nonprofit Services in San Francisco recently assembled a thought-provoking piece on the trends they are seeing in the hundreds of organizations their organization touches each year. While you might argue with a few from your personal perspective, this short white paper will get you thinking about how you can be better prepared for new and emerging challenges and opportunities alike.

Their 9 traits are:

1. Impact Driven – we already knew this one
2. Finance and Business Savvy - ditto
3. Continuous Learning - hmmm
4. Shared Leadership – sometimes seems we have too many leaders now
5. Wired for Policy Advocacy – since the government touches everything
6. Multicultural and Culturally Competent – diversity increases complexity while it drives creativity
7. Ambiguity of Work-Life Boundaries – does anyone remember the 40 hour work week?
8. Constituents as Thought Partners – do we ask the people who really know us best?
9. Boards as Value Add – imagine a board that multiplies your energy instead of consuming it

Read the full paper.

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