Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Board Members

Last Thursday, January 19, we hosted a pilot session for 20+ new board members from 15 organizations across the central Indiana community at the Harrison Center for the Arts. It went very well and we plan to do it again in September. The intention is to supplement the new board member orientations that your organizations already do and address some topics that don’t typically appear in organization orientations. Our agenda included topics such as a the Board/Executive Director relationship, nonprofit finances, the expectations of and from the board chair, being a change agent, and helping to create a positive, active board culture. Pat Wachtel from Girls, Inc. and Travis DiNicola of Indy Reads were kind enough to join us to share their thoughts and for Q&A. Watch for our announcement of the September session in June/July. These sessions are provided at no charge as a service to the local nonprofit community.

As we prepared for this session, I was reminded of one of my favorite articles published on Guidestar a couple years ago about how board members can start the new year off right:

1. Get more engaged.
2. Have a bias toward action
3. Think big
4. Be optimistic, no matter what
5. Go back to your vision over and over and over
6. Be the catalyst; be the provocateur
7. Make your own proud, personal gift to support your organization
8. Support the staff.
9. Introduce 10 of your friends to your cause
10. Be a sneezer and spread your organization's viral news wherever you go.

Read the article.

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