Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Screening Questions Work for You

In early October we announced a change in our job ad pricing to make the use of the screening questions feature more affordable. Effective, November 1, for only $199, job advertisers will receive a two week, up to 30 days on the job board, plus the screening questions feature where you can have candidates answer up to 6 questions as part of their resume submission. (The basic 2 week job ad will be $175 for 2 weeks)

Save Time and Money - Have you noticed that the resume review and screening process puts all the work on the shoulders of the employer to try to interpret whether a resume or cover letter show that the candidate has the skills and experience you need?  You can use the screening questions feature almost like a mini-phone interview to have them respond to some of the "must have" skills or experience you need.

Lighten Your Load - Your screening questions will provide more guidance to candidates about what you are looking for, so fewer unqualified candidates will apply.

We Offer Examples to Get You Started - Let's assume you are interested or at least curious, with so much to do you don't really have time to invent 5-6 questions to include with your ad. We have assembled some questions that you can use "as is" or as thought provokers to modify to meet your needs.   Sample questions link. Below are a few examples:
1. Share your experience in creating or organizing a development office to increase its effectiveness?
2. Talk about how you have been successful in engaging board members in furthering the mission and financial sustainability of the organization.
3. Describe the membership mix and priorities of your ideal board finance committee?
How Does it Work? - We like to keep it simple, so you continue to submit your ads to Kristen at Ads@NotforProfitNews.com  and simply list the questions you want to include. As always we will invoice you after posting.                                                                                 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I WILL Retire Someday

Preparing Yourself and Your Organization - Oct 30

The recession dramatically shifted retirement dates for many nonprofit leaders, but the past 18 months has shown a big increase in organizations preparing for and working through leadership successions. Charitable Advisors has been pleased to be selected to support boards and organizations throughout central Indiana through these important leadership changes. Later this month, we are partnering with Kim Donahue at United Way of Central Indiana to host our recurring free workshop on preparing yourself and your organization for retirement.  Whether retirement is 10 months or 10 years away, if you are a nonprofit ED or CEO thinking about next steps, please join us on October 30 from 8:30-10:30am at United Way of Central Indiana to meet with a small group of nonprofit leaders who are exploring the possibilities. We’ll talk about research on what retiring CEOs do next, be joined by a financial planner to field your questions about getting ready financially plus briefly review what you can be doing to better prepare your organization for your eventual retirement. No charge. FMI and to register here. 

If October 30 is not a good match for you and your retirement timeline is fall of 2014 or beyond, please register for the April 23, 2014 session also co-hosted by Kim Donahue at UWCI. No charge. FMI and to register here.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Job Ad Update from Charitable Advisors

We are continuously looking for ways to better connect and serve the nonprofit sector in Central Indiana. You may have noticed our new format as we strive to be easier to view on a smart phone. Beginning November 1st, we are also tweaking some of our advertising opportunities to offer new services and make them more valuable to you.

Restructured Job Ad Pricing (effective Nov 1)

Rationale: Nonprofits who have tried our Screening Questions service find it can save hours by providing quick insight into candidate qualifications and match. But at $249/ad ($150 for standard two week ad plus $99 for questions service) it seemed a little high for regular use.

New pricing structure: A two week ad with the Screening Questions service has been reduced to $199 so that it can become the standard ad placement. Regular two week job ads will now be $175 for 2 weeks ($150 for 1 week) in the newsletter plus up to 30 days on the Nonprofit Job Board at www.CharitableAdvisors.com. Sample questions.

New Ad Options (effective October 2013)

Interns/Americorps (only $88 for 2 weeks) – paid and unpaid internship and Americorps roles are becoming more important to a broad range of nonprofits. These two week ads include up to 30 days on the Nonprofit Job Board at www.CharitableAdvisors.com and will run in a special section of the NFP News.

High Volume/Difficult to Fill/High Turnover ($450/qtr) - Always recruiting for Group Home staff or a certain Case Manager role? Want to make sure Physical Therapists know you are always anxious to speak with them? Need to recruit a large number of staff for a summer camp or special initiative? We’ll set up a long running ad on the Nonprofit Job Board plus run it every week in a special section of the NFP News.

Featured Office and Real Estate - Beyond staff, real estate costs are often the biggest expense for nonprofits. In late September, we launched an Real Estate column with Catherine Esselman of Penn Real Estate. This forum also provides advertising options if you have extra space or a facility to sell or lease. Ads are priced monthly. Text Only Ad - 50 words plus contact info and/or link is $150/month. Picture Ad - 50 words with a picture plus contact information and/or link is $300/mo. Contact Bryan@CharitableAdvisors.com with questions.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Welcome Horizon Bank!

Horizon Bank

We are very excited to have Dave Voris and the rest of the team at Horizon Bank joining us as a sponsor. Horizon is a community bank serving Central and Northern Indiana, as well as Southwest Michigan. Since 1873, their focus has been to anticipate and fulfill customer needs with exceptional service and sensible advice. Beginning in Michigan City, Indiana and growing for the past 140 years, their success comes from employing local professionals who know what their business and not-for-profit neighbors need. Learn more here

Each Horizon office is led by experienced, local professionals with deep roots in the communities they represent.  These professionals are given autonomy for local decision-making, rather than decisions made at a corporate entity hundreds of miles away.  With a proud legacy of service, we take seriously our responsibility to assist in the growth and prosperity of the communities we also call home. We serve Indianapolis nonprofits and businesses because we live Indianapolis nonprofits and business. Contact an Indianapolis advisor today at (317) 608-2128 or stop by our new office at 117 East Washington Street.