Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Let's Talk Real Estate - New Segment

Catherine Esselman

Beyond staff, real estate costs are often the biggest expense for
nonprofits. Beginning this week, we are adding a new weekly segment focused on real estate and office space. We're partnering with Catherine Esselman of Penn Real Estate(pictured above) to show you inspiring reuses, great office spaces, and cost effective strategies to make the most of your facility space. Check it out each week for an insight into a building you haven't seen or a story you didn't know. If you have a facility or real estate story that you think could be interesting to others, contact Catherine at cesselman@pennrealestateinc.com.

Catherine Esselman has been working in commercial real estate for 8 years. She began in the retail sector, working as a leasing agent for a shopping center developer out of Cleveland, Ohio. After returning to Indianapolis, Catherine joined Penn Real Estate and got involved in the exciting things happening in Fountain Square and downtown Indianapolis. She has a passion for creative reuse and for helping nonprofits find the right work environments for their staff and volunteers. Her unique perspective on the local real estate market has been a valuable resource for both nonprofit and for-profit clients. Check out her website at www.pennrealestateinc.com, click on "Indianapolis" or contact her at: cesselman@pennrealestateinc.com.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Welcome - Alerding CPA Group


Not-for-profits have an unyielding passion for providing the services and programs necessary to help improve communities and lives. The need is great. Alerding CPA Group’s experience with Not-for-Profits enables organizations to provide ongoing services without having to tackle the ever-changing regulations and financial landscape. Our goal is to always keep you one step ahead and allow you to grow your financial investments so you can reach your goals of helping more people.

We view our role in financial reporting as an opportunity to provide assurance to you and to the readers of your financial statements, as well as constructive solutions and recommendations for your financial statement presentation. Our reporting services include audit, review, and compilation, along with long-term planning and board governance training, to name just a few.
Alerding CPA Group provides in-depth tax planning and preparation. With ever-changing tax laws and requirements, our tax planning and preparation experts keep you up-to-date. They have a wealth of knowledge and understand complex tax transactions. We provide guidance on different tax implications and requirements in relation to benefit plans, profit sharing and pension planning while maintaining the highest level of ethics and accuracy EVERY time.

Our diverse NFP client base includes associations, membership organizations, patriotic groups, Greek organizations, churches, governmental entities (A-133 clients), pension funds and numerous health and welfare organizations. Find out how Alerding CPA Group will invest in your NFP’s success so you can invest in your mission. Call Chris Mennel @ 317-569-4181 or cmennel@alerdingcpagroup.com
FMI: http://alerdingcpagroup.com

We are pleased to welcome Alerding CPA Group as a new sponsor of the Indianapolis Not-for-Profit News. We encourage you to review their website and contact them with your questions or interest.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Get Involved - Get on Board

Research shows that nonprofit board service is one of the most effective methods to develop and strengthen leadership skills. It's also a critical experience and perspective for every nonprofit leader to possess. This year is the 11th Get on Board event designed to connect current and aspiring leaders to nonprofit board opportunities. Over the past 10 years, more than 5,000 community members have attended and made over 2,000 board and committee member connections.

Now is the time to register if you are planning to attend and share the opportunity with people in your network. Get on Board 2013 is at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis on Monday, October 7 from 4-6:30pm. Free parking in the museum garage. Register here. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

3 Things You MUST Know About Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment is far from a popular topic, but taking a proactive approach to understanding your unemployment taxes, also known as unemployment insurance (UI), is proven to lower the associated costs. These are the top 3 things every nonprofit should know about unemployment insurance taxes.

1. What is the state Unemployment Insurance (SUI) Tax? - The state Unemployment Insurance (SUI) tax is an insurance program that provides temporary, partial wage replacement to workers who have become unemployed through no fault of their own. The program is funded by Unemployment Taxes paid by employers. Each employer is assigned a tax rate, which is based on the amount of benefits charged to their account each year.

2. Is My Nonprofit Liable? - 501(c)(3) nonprofits are exempt from federal unemployment taxes, but may be liable for state unemployment taxes if they meet something called the “4 for 20” provision. This provision is triggered when four or more individuals are employed on the same day for 20 weeks in a calendar year, though not necessarily for consecutive weeks. Even for small nonprofits that are exempt from liability, it is encouraged that they pay into the unemployment tax system, or an alternate coverage plan, to protect their current employees from the ups and downs of employment.

3. Cost-Saving Alternatives - There are alternatives available to nonprofits with 10 or more employees who are interested in lowering the cost of unemployment. Unemployment Services Trust (UST) provides an alternative to paying into the state unemployment tax system. Through UST, agencies directly reimburse the state only for the claims of their former employees, dollar for dollar. This saves organizations an average $100 per employee upon joining UST.

Want to learn more? Visit www.chooseust.org/501c3-unemployment-alternatives/ or contact UST for help benchmarking your unemployment insurance costs today—but don’t wait long, Indiana has a state opt out deadline of December 1. Call us at: Phone: (888) 249- 4788 or email: info@ChooseUST.org.