Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Don’t Miss the 3rd Annual Central Indiana Board Chair Summit

March 9, 2012

The third annual Central Indiana Board Chair Summit, hosted by Lacy Leadership Association and Peace Learning Center will take place on March 9th, 2012, from 7:30 am to noon at the Arthur M. Glick JCC. Board Chair and Executive Director(or CEO) teams are encouraged to register together this year to work with nationally recognized author, consultant and researcher, Dr. Mary Hiland. With over 35 years of “on the ground” experience, complemented by her own research in the nonprofit sector, Dr. Hiland will share insights into building strong and effective Board Chair/ED relationships. Participants will learn from their peers, discover practical tips for leading their organization and leave with a plan of action that builds a stronger governance future. The 2010 and 2011 events were sold out so register early. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind gathering of nonprofit board and executive leaders from across central Indiana. ED/Board leader teams register together for $140. Individual registration is $79. A continental breakfast is included. For more information or to register now, visit www.boardchairsummit.com.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Board Members

Last Thursday, January 19, we hosted a pilot session for 20+ new board members from 15 organizations across the central Indiana community at the Harrison Center for the Arts. It went very well and we plan to do it again in September. The intention is to supplement the new board member orientations that your organizations already do and address some topics that don’t typically appear in organization orientations. Our agenda included topics such as a the Board/Executive Director relationship, nonprofit finances, the expectations of and from the board chair, being a change agent, and helping to create a positive, active board culture. Pat Wachtel from Girls, Inc. and Travis DiNicola of Indy Reads were kind enough to join us to share their thoughts and for Q&A. Watch for our announcement of the September session in June/July. These sessions are provided at no charge as a service to the local nonprofit community.

As we prepared for this session, I was reminded of one of my favorite articles published on Guidestar a couple years ago about how board members can start the new year off right:

1. Get more engaged.
2. Have a bias toward action
3. Think big
4. Be optimistic, no matter what
5. Go back to your vision over and over and over
6. Be the catalyst; be the provocateur
7. Make your own proud, personal gift to support your organization
8. Support the staff.
9. Introduce 10 of your friends to your cause
10. Be a sneezer and spread your organization's viral news wherever you go.

Read the article.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

5 Challenges for the Nonprofit World in 2012

(www.Philanthropy.com )

The still-troubled economy will loom large over charities in the coming year, but simply keeping the lights on won't be the only problem organizations will face. All sorts of nonprofits, including deep-pocketed grant makers, are likely to struggle with the following issues and their fallout.

1) Philanthropy and the 99 percent - Economic inequality raises tricky issues for donors

2) Pressure from shrinking government aid - Foundations and nonprofits may step up the fight against cuts

3) Soothing generational tensions - Managers must make peace between baby boomers and 20-somethings

4) More demands to show results - Moving the conversation away from overhead costs

5) Innovation (and competition) from social enterprises - Will new approaches help charities or get in the way?

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

9 Key Traits of ‘Next Generation’ Nonprofit Organizations

In addition to the Daring to Lead 2011 study, my friends Marla Cornelius and Tim Wolfred at CompassPoint Nonprofit Services in San Francisco recently assembled a thought-provoking piece on the trends they are seeing in the hundreds of organizations their organization touches each year. While you might argue with a few from your personal perspective, this short white paper will get you thinking about how you can be better prepared for new and emerging challenges and opportunities alike.

Their 9 traits are:

1. Impact Driven – we already knew this one
2. Finance and Business Savvy - ditto
3. Continuous Learning - hmmm
4. Shared Leadership – sometimes seems we have too many leaders now
5. Wired for Policy Advocacy – since the government touches everything
6. Multicultural and Culturally Competent – diversity increases complexity while it drives creativity
7. Ambiguity of Work-Life Boundaries – does anyone remember the 40 hour work week?
8. Constituents as Thought Partners – do we ask the people who really know us best?
9. Boards as Value Add – imagine a board that multiplies your energy instead of consuming it

Read the full paper.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Resolutions for the Nonprofit World

(Chronicle of Philanthropy)

A new year offers an opportunity to set new goals. In that spirit, The Chronicle invited a diverse group of leaders and thinkers to share their 2012 resolutions for the nonprofit world. A sampling of their responses is below, see the full list plus reader comments on their webpage.

- May 2012 be a year of courage for philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. - Deepak Bhargava, executive director, Center for Community Change

- Explicitly fund overhead-we all have it and we all need it. And stop talking about getting nonprofits to merge, unless we are willing to put up a retirement fund for the executive director who will be asked to leave. - Gerald Chertavian, chief executive of Year Up, a nonprofit that offers training programs to young urban adults

- The Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, and ongoing calls for social justice have inspired millions, yet U.S. philanthropy has remained largely sidelined and silent. We, in the foundation sector, resolve to stop being as irrelevant as we have been for so long. - Albert Ruesga, president, Greater New Orleans Foundation

- I would like to see all nonprofits, but especially the smaller ones, resolve to improve their financial controls. - Elizabeth Grant, head of the charitable activities section, Oregon attorney general's office; president of the National Association of State Charity Officials

- 2012 must mark the year we get in front of technology, instead of behind it. Let's resolve to unleash the full potential of social media and Internet marketing for fund raising, community organizing, and advocacy.
- Darian Rodriguez Heyman, author of Nonprofit Management 101