Tuesday, January 17, 2012

5 Challenges for the Nonprofit World in 2012

(www.Philanthropy.com )

The still-troubled economy will loom large over charities in the coming year, but simply keeping the lights on won't be the only problem organizations will face. All sorts of nonprofits, including deep-pocketed grant makers, are likely to struggle with the following issues and their fallout.

1) Philanthropy and the 99 percent - Economic inequality raises tricky issues for donors

2) Pressure from shrinking government aid - Foundations and nonprofits may step up the fight against cuts

3) Soothing generational tensions - Managers must make peace between baby boomers and 20-somethings

4) More demands to show results - Moving the conversation away from overhead costs

5) Innovation (and competition) from social enterprises - Will new approaches help charities or get in the way?

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