Monday, April 23, 2012

Volunteer Projects can = Extra $$ (through May 15)

The 1st Annual Central Indiana Service Challenge will award a total of $100,000 through volunteer teams of up to 10 people from the same workplace who serve a charity any day between now and May 15th (How about entering those volunteer activities you already have on your calendar?). Teams register for the challenge on-line now and then film a 2 minute video on their I-phone while they’re working and upload it to the Companies With A Mission (CWAM) website. Each team just answers three short questions about how they served, how they will be involved in the future, and what they will do for your organization if they win two, five, or ten thousand dollars for you!

That’s it! But you need to hurry because May 15th is coming up soon.

The teams have to serve and get the application and short video submitted by May 15th to be entered in the contest. After that, a team of judges will select the winners to be announced at the Indy 500 Breakfast. Share the registration page with all your regular and new volunteers and get your teams signed up at:

The Central Indiana Service Challenge is presented by Companies With A Mission (CWAM) – inspiring a culture of service and spirituality in the workplace. If you have more questions or want to find out more about CWAM, you can contact Erica at CWAM 317.500.2245 or 

Bryan Orander
President of Charitable Advisors and Publisher, Not-for-Profit News

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