Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Last Chance for Board Booklets! Welcome Survives!

In mid-July, we announced we were liquidating inventory of our four Board education booklets that have sold more than 25,000 copies across the country while we explore moving to ePub formats. In the past 4-6 weeks, our inventory has dropped from more than 1200 booklets to less than 300 and we have sold out of Welcome and Fund Raising, but Finance and Planning remain in limited numbers. Soooooo... you can still save 20% plus get a free CD (The Facilitator Guide is included on the CD) with eight PowerPoint trainings, covering all four booklet topics, Creating Better Board Meetings, and more. The "Finance for Every Board Member" booklet has gotten great reviews for making nonprofit finances more understandable both for non-financial people and for people who are only familiar with business finances. The "Planning for Every Board Member" booklet is not a 'How To' but more about perspective, context, and the board's role in planning. It can be a great complement to "Welcome to the Board" in introducing nonprofit concepts to the first-time board member.

Based on your feedback, we will continue to offer the "Welcome to the Board" booklet in hardcopy since so many of you use it as a handout when you meet with new board members, so we hope to have it back in stock by the end of September. To order the discounted Finance or Planning, please go to: http://www.charitableadvisors.com/ordercdbooklets.html and enter code "Promo7" and then hit apply and it will show a 20% discount on everything you purchase on that page. With each order, we will also include a free Training CD but the system will not show it as a part of your order.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement of our efforts.

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