Tuesday, September 27, 2011

IWU Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership – Begins in January

We are very excited to have Indiana Wesleyan University’s new MA in Organizational Leadership as a new sponsor of the Not-for-Profit News. As a group, nonprofit leaders know the value of education and I know many of you are looking for options to increase your leadership skills and your employment alternatives. IWU’s mission is to “change the world by developing students in character, scholarship, and leadership”– what better match could there be? This program will be offered beginning in January at the Indianapolis and Merrillville campuses and we encourage you to get more information and see if it might be a match for you. Here are some specifics:

·         Objective of the program - Students will participate in practical experiences complemented by relevant scholarly research to develop their capacity to lead and to enhance their ability to serve in an organization.
·         Program format - The Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership is a blended format program. Students will meet onsite the 1st class of every course along with the 4th and 7th classes for courses that are 8 weeks in length. Students do online coursework between the onsite classes.
·         Who is the target student? - Current leaders as well as those desiring to become leaders.
·         When does it start? Classes are scheduled to begin in Indianapolis and Merrillville on January 28th.  

Those interested in investigating this learning opportunity further should click on the link for more information. http://www.indwes.edu/Adult-Graduate/MA-Organizational-Leadership/. You can also contact Melodie Briscoe, MAOL Program Representative at 1-888-498-2329 ext 2972 or Melodie.Briscoe@indwes.edu.

Please let them know that you heard about IWU’s new program from the Not-for-Profit News.

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Anonymous said...

The contact information is out of date. Toll free number for IWU is 866-498-4968. Also, Melodie Briscoe is no longer working at IWU.