Monday, December 23, 2013

Myths and Realities of Board Member Fundraising

By Gail Perry

How do YOUR board members feel about fundraising? Not enthusiastic, I’ll bet! One of the biggest myths around is that board members should be willing and able to raise money. We wish!

But here’s the reality: Most board members have some very real challenges when they are confronted with fundraising.

Let’s look at the myths – AND then how we can build on the reality.

1. MYTH: Board members are willing to raise money, and they accept it as their job.

2. MYTH: Board members understand how to be successful at fundraising.

3. MYTH: Board members are active, enthusiastic, and ready to help.

4. MYTH: Board members’ experience on the board is fulfilling and satisfying.

Read the full article, including the “Realities” and think about how you will better support your board’s 2014 development efforts.

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