Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Screening Questions Work for You

In early October we announced a change in our job ad pricing to make the use of the screening questions feature more affordable. Effective, November 1, for only $199, job advertisers will receive a two week, up to 30 days on the job board, plus the screening questions feature where you can have candidates answer up to 6 questions as part of their resume submission. (The basic 2 week job ad will be $175 for 2 weeks)

Save Time and Money - Have you noticed that the resume review and screening process puts all the work on the shoulders of the employer to try to interpret whether a resume or cover letter show that the candidate has the skills and experience you need?  You can use the screening questions feature almost like a mini-phone interview to have them respond to some of the "must have" skills or experience you need.

Lighten Your Load - Your screening questions will provide more guidance to candidates about what you are looking for, so fewer unqualified candidates will apply.

We Offer Examples to Get You Started - Let's assume you are interested or at least curious, with so much to do you don't really have time to invent 5-6 questions to include with your ad. We have assembled some questions that you can use "as is" or as thought provokers to modify to meet your needs.   Sample questions link. Below are a few examples:
1. Share your experience in creating or organizing a development office to increase its effectiveness?
2. Talk about how you have been successful in engaging board members in furthering the mission and financial sustainability of the organization.
3. Describe the membership mix and priorities of your ideal board finance committee?
How Does it Work? - We like to keep it simple, so you continue to submit your ads to Kristen at Ads@NotforProfitNews.com  and simply list the questions you want to include. As always we will invoice you after posting.                                                                                 


Anonymous said...

"Plus, candidates who cannot answer the questions generally don’t apply – decreasing the number of resumes you must review by up to half." --

Untrue. Candidates who do not have time to answer additional screening questions do not apply. If a candidate does not have time to sit around all day and write essay responses to your additional screening questions, they apply for other positions with a less cumbersome application process. High quality candidates who are employed must maximize the little time they have to apply for jobs. By making the application process more cumbersome, you are inadvertently weeding out busy candidates. I am speaking from experience. I have a full time job, volunteer and church commitments, and responsibilities at home that only permit me to apply for jobs after 9:00 p.m. I have a bachelor's, a master's, and a doctorate. I have bypassed applying for some jobs on this website if there were cumbersome questions that required me to write an essay in addition to my cover letter. A decent cover letter and a resume should be all that is required at the initial stage.

Anonymous said...

Essay questions are definitely a burden on the busy job seeker. A better way to screen candidates without requiring "cumbersome essay answers" is by asking questions with answer choices; many corporations and governmental agencies utilize this method. If the job seeker simply must click on an answer choice for each additional question, the job seeker is not overburdened by writing an essay to apply for each position.