Monday, July 22, 2013

“...Run More Like a Business?”

Here’s a chance with Bryan Orander, Charitable Advisors

I don’t usually respond well when I hear people make simplistic statements like “nonprofits should run more like businesses”. When I ask for clarity, they add definition around setting aggressive goals; executing effective marketing strategies; building a brand; recruiting the best people; and generally operating in an intentional, well-organized manner that consistently generates a profit. So they expect that two person nonprofit to operate like Eli Lilly & Co? From a practical standpoint, my perception would be that most nonprofits are run as well as or better than small businesses of comparable size.

That being said, here is an affordable opportunity for a member of your nonprofit staff team to join me and a cohort of small business owners to reflect on where your organization is headed and what you need to do to improve your impact, financial and staff management, and operations. Each series is limited to 15 attendees and only a few slots are open to nonprofits. The discussion will not be about nonprofit boards, restricted revenue, or foundation relations but it will be about all of the things that nonprofits share in common with businesses – reflection and planning for profitability and sustainability; identifying your purpose and target audiences; researching your assumptions; identifying new products and services; hiring, organizing and leading your team, developing processes that let you work more effectively and train new staff more easily; cash flow management, financial budgeting and forecasting, etc.

Using a proven curriculum from Kauffman Foundation, this program is still in its first year with Business Ownership Initiative locally so they are offering the dramatically discounted rate of only $300 for the 10 week series. For more information.

Register for the next Series, beginning the morning of Friday, September 13 at: Bryan Orander, President of Charitable Advisors and Publisher of the Not-for-Profit News in Indianapolis and Cincinnati will be the lead facilitator for this session.

If you have an idea for a new nonprofit, social enterprise, or business, they also have a 10 week series to help you flesh that out and decide if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, also only $300 this cycle. Limited nonprofit slots are available. For more information.

Register for the next Series, beginning the evening of September 11 at: Denise Herd, President of Herd Strategies will be the lead facilitator for this session.

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