Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Q&A With Some Board Experts

Did you ever wish you could corner a board professional for a few minutes and get their input on a series of questions about how to improve your board? Guidestar recently conducted a webinar that had so many questions that they couldn't cover them all - so they put several into written form. Though I might have slightly different opinions on some of these, I thought they did a nice job in the short answer format they had to respond.

Q: -How do you keep the Executive Committee from becoming more powerful and/or more invested than the rest of the board?

Q: -There seems to be a disconnect on our board between their enthusiasm to embark on a project or program and their sense of accountability in funding it.

Q: -Can you go over some pros and cons to term limits?

Q: -Do you have any recommended education or strategies for promoting fundraising skills among board members?

Q: -Without term limits, how does one remove 1-2 board members gracefully?

Q: -100% of our board are members of our community. This gives us great community trust but we struggle with fundraising.

Q: -What (really) motivates truly busy people to be willing to join a board? I'm talking about the underlying agendas, motives that you should keep in mind in order to recruit?

Read all questions and answers.

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