Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Legacy – Brief Reflections on the Week

 From the first, vague cell phone photo on the 10pm news to the full color videos the following day, we all watched in horror at the unfortunate loss of life at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. A few days later a dear friend who has been sick for over a year, still in her 30s with a young child, goes to be with the Lord. As I watch the news memorialize each of the individuals lost in the stage accident and see the preparations going into the funeral of my friend I can’t help but reflect on whether I am making as much of a difference as I can with my life while I have the opportunity.

Beyond the precious relationships with family and friends, I suspect that almost everyone who reads this newsletter plays a role, either as staff or volunteer, in the work of a nonprofit doing important work. Are we investing enough of our time, energy, and resources to make a difference or just putting in the minimum and moving on to more busyness? What will each of us be remembered for?


Larry Moore said...

Bryan's comments reinforce the importance of a succession plan, especially for leaders of nonprofits. We should always be in the mindset of training our replacements. It is the correct thing to do for the organization plus an invaluable method or sharpening our own tools.
Larry Moore
Kids Against Hunger-Greenwood

Eileen said...

Good reminder of the reason why we choose to work for a nonprofit, because it is more than a job--it's a chance to make a difference.

Anonymous said...

I struggle thinking that I'm never making enough change through my actions and my work--I could be saving lives or making sweeping change, somehow. If I can lend a hand to others through my services as a volunteer and an educator, I might be getting closer to helping make a bigger difference and changing the world, by proxy. But I always wonder if it's enough.

Your comments and the thoughts above reiterate the importance of collaboration for me. Pooling resources and lending expertise, rather than competing for resources, seems a much more reliable way to make a larger scale difference. It's a sacrifice worth making, from my perspective. SZ

Joe Scherrer said...

A few years ago, I was asked to write a living legacy statement. After much reflection, I identified what my primary aspirations would be and what "mark" I might leave as a legacy. My volunteerism and Business Development background cried out to me to become a "doer" and not just an observer in as close to a hands on "servant leader" capacity as possible by giving back to my community. I have realized in this journey of awakening the many small opportunities to make a difference at my workplace and everyday life that really ad up. Everyone can change the world for the better which breeds positve growth for all parties concerned. I am grateful for the advise to ponder my purpose and write it down towards a very fullfilling awareness of life what we can to help others in need.
Joe Scherrer - Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana

Cid McNeilly said...

Thank you for causing me once again to reflect and evaluate how I use my time, energy, talents and gifts. I am very grateful for your challenging remarks.
Cid McNeilly
Creating Positive Relationships