Thursday, May 19, 2011

Does ‘One Size Fit All’ in Interacting with our Supporters?

I had a conversation with a commercial banker last week who shared how his bank is trying to adapt their paradigm of customer relationships. Traditionally, bankers view spending more face to face time with a client, and in their workplace, as something special that shows how much the bank values the client relationship. Increasingly, customers are rejecting these offers of banker’s time and insight. Customers just want to know what is needed and to have their questions answered – some even requesting it by text. This puts the bank and banker in the new and difficult position of determining how to differentiate themselves and create or maintain a customer relationship with limited face to face interaction.

What might this type of thinking mean to your nonprofit? One thought is to find a way to let your supporters tell you how they want to interact. Most smaller nonprofits haven’t gotten to the point of doing much relational fund raising - so don't use this thinking to avoid relational fund raising, but to be more strategic is determining how you make it matter.

One resource to get you thinking might be the virtual 2011 Millennial Donor Summit, a national event co-hosted by Indy-area fund development firms Achieve and Johnson Grossnickle.

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