Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How could 'Walking for Dreams 2011' benefit your Organization?

Last year, 30 nonprofits recruited over 1000 walkers and raised more than $91,000. Over the past 8 years, close to 100 different organizations have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, in total.
(Bryan) have been involved since the 2nd or 3rd year walking for several different organizations. I think of 'Walking for Dreams' as the walk-a-thon event for organizations who: 1) aren't big enough to do their own event or 2) don't want to spend valuable volunteer or staff time on event organizing, or 3) want to gather a group of their supporters around fund raising for one particular program.

Here's how it works: There is a $300 upfront fee but then the Sycamore Foundation plans, manages, and runs the event. They even provide an on-line donation website where your walkers can form teams and receive donations. All your nonprofit does is solicit walkers to participate and raise funds for your organization. Whether you have 5 walkers or 50, it is a fun event and can raise a meaningful amount of money for the effort you invest.

Promoted as the 'Walking for Dreams Family and Pet 5k Walk', the event encompasses just a couple hours of a beautiful Sunday afternoon on the scenic Canal Walk downtown. The energy is terrific, the colors are bright, the faces are happy. Each organization is assigned a table to greet and gather their walkers plus promote their organization to others in attendance. Everyone steps out together and then winds their way through the walk route and back to food and festivities at their own pace.

A Walk-a-thon event is a great way to introduce people to your organization, a good strategy to give reluctant board members or staff a '
safe' way to talk about your organization with friends and family, and a nice time for social connection between people who care about your organization.

To learn more or get signed up for the May 22, 2011 event, plan to attend the informational meeting on Friday, January 14 at 8:30 AM at the Irvington Office Center (338 S. Arlington Avenue).  For more details you can also visit www.WalkingforDreams.org or call 317-260-0669.

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