Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School – For Kids and Boards

September and January are the two times each year that we most frequently see board and staff leaders renewing efforts to bring new members on board, orient all board members about their roles, and get everyone headed in the same direction. On one board where I serve, we realized that many of our board members have trickled in over the past year and haven’t gotten enough attention or information about what the organization needs from them or been given the chance to share what they would really like to do to help.

With that backdrop, we shamelessly plug our board development materials a couple times each year with some special offers, good through the end of September 2010. In the case of our booklets and training CD, the material is not revolutionary or profound but it is presented in an inexpensive summary format and layperson’s terms so that it gets past the common barriers of busy schedules and intimidating expectations. We have sold more than 25,000 copies of our little booklets - across all 50 states. We hope your organization can take advantage of one or all of these special offers.

SPECIAL #1 – SAVE $55 - we are again offering the $55 Training CD of PowerPoint presentations w/Facilitator Guide FREE with a $100 or larger purchase of booklets – Welcome to the Board, Finance for Every Board Member, Fund Raising for Every Board Member, and Planning for Every Board Member. We will include it automatically when you place your order at: http://www.charitableadvisors.com/ordercdbooklets.html

Special #2 – SAVE $75 - If it is time for some candid reflection and discussion about how your board is working and how you can get stronger, we are offering the $75 Sample Pak and Training CD w/Facilitator Guide FREE with the purchase of our on-line Board Self-Assessment. http://www.charitableadvisors.com/assessment-board.html Feel free to contact Bryan at 317-752-7153 or bryan@charitableadvisors.com with questions.

Special #3 – SAVE $39 - We have been fortunate to get to know Henry Freeman, a fund raising master, over the years and are very excited that he captured the lessons he has learned on video for all of us to learn. His introductory 35 minute video “The Nonprofit Board’s Guide to Successful Fund Raising” gives Board members an overview of how fund raising works in nonprofits and their critical role. It normally costs $39 plus S&H, but we will ship two copies when you order one (sorry, no Ginsu knives J). http://www.charitableadvisors.com/henryreemandvd-2.html

Special #4 – SAVE $55 - Finally, Henry Freeman has also created a video reference library of fund development wisdom for every organization, who is serious about developing philanthropic relationships, to use regularly. This library includes two insightful seminars plus fifty 3-10 minute focused teachings on a wide variety of techniques that Henry says have each raised thousands if not millions of dollars. This set sells for $249 plus S&H. Henry has just developed a $55 companion binder that we will include FREE this month that makes it a snap to teach and learn, with or without the video, at staff and board meetings. http://www.charitableadvisors.com/henryreemandvd.html 

Bryan Orander, President
Charitable Advisors and Not-for-Profit News


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