Thursday, July 8, 2010

We Need Your Input to The Salary Survey this Week!

This is the last week for the first Central Indiana Nonprofit Salary Survey and WE NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION. We are encouraging all 501c3 nonprofits from Marion and surrounding counties to go to and take about 15 minutes to complete the short survey of benefits and management level salaries (Excluding hospitals, universities, and schools this cycle).

We are well over 100 responses but far short of our goal of 200. You will be asked to identify your nonprofit organization in one of eight primary categories, as noted below with the number of responses to date. Whether you fit into one of the eight primary categories or not, your information will be tabulated and published for all nonprofits. There are not enough organizations right now to do breakout reporting on three categories – Recreation, Animal-Related, and Environmental but those organizations will have useful information to compare with organizations of similar staff and budget size.

Arts, Culture, and Humanities (16)
Human Services (35)
Health, Disease, Disorders (22)
Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics (3)
Community Development (11)
Animal- related (1)
Environmental (4)
Membership Organizations (11)
Other (17)

As a reminder, we will be coordinating our data with the recent survey from the United Way of Central Indiana to publish combined results at the end of the summer or early fall. The United Way data will substantially expand our data set in Human Services plus add a few organizations to some of the other categories.


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