Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Who’s Missing Out on the Not-for-Profit News?

In Cincinnati, we have almost 1600 weekly subscribers. In Indianapolis, where we have been publishing since 2001, we are past 9500 weekly subscribers. Over these years, we have sent millions of informative e-mails – to help fill thousands of nonprofit job openings, promote thousands of training events, and share successes and great ideas from local nonprofits and the nonprofit sector across the country.

Since subscribing is no charge, we are convinced that every nonprofit executive, manager, and board member could and should be benefiting.

The Indianapolis Not-For-Profit News
We think the biggest reason people are missing out is that they haven’t heard of us yet. Please let your nonprofit colleagues, fellow board members, and up and coming nonprofit leaders know about us and how this quick, weekly read can keep them in the know. Also share that we welcome news and updates from local nonprofits that we can share across the community. www.charitableadvisors.com/submitnews.html

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I Used to Subscribe
We regularly hear from people who used to be subscribers but have stopped receiving the newsletter. Our e-mail service provider, ExactTarget, is programmed to stop sending e-mails to an address after it bounces back three times. We usually find that people who are no longer receiving the newsletter either find us in their spam folders or that security or filters in their systems have bounced the e-mails back. Please ask your system administrator to allow e-mails from Bryan@CharitableAdvisorsLLC.com  through Exacttarget to reach you and alert us to turn your subscription back on at Bryan@NotforProfitNews.com . If your system security will not allow it through, you might consider subscribing on your home/personal e-mail address.

I Tried to Sign up and Got an Error Message
The most common reason for an error message is that you were subscribed at this e-mail address in the past and it stopped sending due to bounce backs. The system does not allow a second signup under the same address, even if it is not currently active. If you get an error message, please let us know at Bryan@NotforProfitNews.com and we will turn it back on. It will be up to you to work with your systems administrator to allow e-mails from Bryan@CharitableAdvisorsLLC.com to get through to you.

Bryan Orander, President
Charitable Advisors and Not-for-Profit News

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