Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Can a Founder or Longtime Executive Director Step Down But Not Leave?

Conventional Wisdom Says: To not undermine a new leader's authority--and to allow the organization to develop in new ways--the founder must leave the organization completely when they step down from the top leadership position.

Table for Two's Findings Say: While not for most organizations, there are conditions under which a founder and successor can co-exist - maximizing the founder's assets for the overall good of the organization and reinforcing one another's success in their new roles.

Based on in-depth analysis of six cases in which the founder or long term founder-like leader successfully remains after stepping down from the top post, Table for Two provides:

- A new model for leadership transitions.
- A broader range of options for the founder's continuing role and contributions.
- Insights into the personal and organizational factors needed for success in such transitions.
- An integrated approach to weighing and managing the risks and benefits involved.
- Challenges, coping strategies, and recommendations for founders, successors, boards of directors, and staff.
- Recommendations for funders who wish to support their grantees' executive transitions.

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