Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How has the Economy Impacted the Pending Leadership Shortage?

Less than twelve months ago, we were expressing concern about the approaching retirement of many long-term nonprofit leaders. With the stock market down 50%, we expect that considerably fewer leaders are thinking about retiring in the next few years. This means that we will continue to benefit from the many long-term leaders who are still energized and effective in their roles and that those leaders who should have retired several years ago will be hanging on even longer. How should we view this situation? I have a few thoughts and hope you will add yours at our blog:

1) CEO/Executive Directors could use this additional time to develop other staff, their leadership team, and their board
2) CEO/Executive Directors could explore alternative staff roles or organizations and pass leadership on to others
3) Board leaders who have been “waiting it out” need to consider having some candid conversations with their CEO/EDs (perhaps after speaking with their attorneys)

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