Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Step Up Now to Raise Money for 2014

Last May, 35 nonprofits of all sizes and missions raised a combined $125,000 in a fund raising walk on the Canal while someone else handled all the event logistics. Do you envy those nonprofits that present their own walks with hundreds or thousands of people but don’t want their event headaches or don’t have an army of supporters?

Walking for Dreams (www.WalkingforDreams.org) has a long history of growing each year in organization participation and funds raised. Your nonprofit organization registers with WFD and agrees to pay a participation fee of $400 which covers all the logistics, a pre-event meeting/training or two, walk site at the canal with refreshments, and a shared event registration website where your walkers can send their supporters to donate by credit card. You keep all of the funds your walker team raises (less a small credit card processing fee if paid through the website).

Over the years, I have walked as a supporter for several different organizations and our whole family enjoys the event. They encourage people to bring their dogs and make it a nice afternoon on the canal or downtown. Next year’s event is scheduled for Sunday, May 18, 2014. For more information, go to www.WalkingforDreams.org.

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