Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Job Ad Update from Charitable Advisors

We are continuously looking for ways to better connect and serve the nonprofit sector in Central Indiana. You may have noticed our new format as we strive to be easier to view on a smart phone. Beginning November 1st, we are also tweaking some of our advertising opportunities to offer new services and make them more valuable to you.

Restructured Job Ad Pricing (effective Nov 1)

Rationale: Nonprofits who have tried our Screening Questions service find it can save hours by providing quick insight into candidate qualifications and match. But at $249/ad ($150 for standard two week ad plus $99 for questions service) it seemed a little high for regular use.

New pricing structure: A two week ad with the Screening Questions service has been reduced to $199 so that it can become the standard ad placement. Regular two week job ads will now be $175 for 2 weeks ($150 for 1 week) in the newsletter plus up to 30 days on the Nonprofit Job Board at www.CharitableAdvisors.com. Sample questions.

New Ad Options (effective October 2013)

Interns/Americorps (only $88 for 2 weeks) – paid and unpaid internship and Americorps roles are becoming more important to a broad range of nonprofits. These two week ads include up to 30 days on the Nonprofit Job Board at www.CharitableAdvisors.com and will run in a special section of the NFP News.

High Volume/Difficult to Fill/High Turnover ($450/qtr) - Always recruiting for Group Home staff or a certain Case Manager role? Want to make sure Physical Therapists know you are always anxious to speak with them? Need to recruit a large number of staff for a summer camp or special initiative? We’ll set up a long running ad on the Nonprofit Job Board plus run it every week in a special section of the NFP News.

Featured Office and Real Estate - Beyond staff, real estate costs are often the biggest expense for nonprofits. In late September, we launched an Real Estate column with Catherine Esselman of Penn Real Estate. This forum also provides advertising options if you have extra space or a facility to sell or lease. Ads are priced monthly. Text Only Ad - 50 words plus contact info and/or link is $150/month. Picture Ad - 50 words with a picture plus contact information and/or link is $300/mo. Contact Bryan@CharitableAdvisors.com with questions.

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