Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Volunteering in America 2010

This year's 'Volunteering In America' report, from the Corporation for National and Community Service, reveals that for the second year in a row volunteering rates have increased in the United States.

This year's report was highly anticipated for the light it would shed on two issues: whether volunteer rates would drop during the recession, and whether there really has been a compassion boom. In addition to highlighting a number of statistics such as the overall number of hours volunteered per age group, and the states and communities with the highest volunteering rates, the report sheds light on the types of volunteer opportunities that were most popular. In 2009, fundraising accounted for 26.6% of volunteer work, followed closely by collecting or distributing food (23.5%), general labor (20.5%), and tutoring (19%).

Indiana Highlights:

- 1.5 million volunteers
- 29.9% of residents volunteer, 19th of the 50 states plus D.C.
- 42 hours per resident, 13th of the 50 states plus D.C.

"Americans have responded to tough economic times by volunteering in big numbers," said Patrick Corvington, the Corporation's CEO. "What we're seeing is the depth of the American spirit and generosity at its best. People are turning toward problems, working with their neighbors to find solutions to real problems, from homelessness to the dropout crisis."

To check out the full report, visit http://www.volunteeringinamerica.gov/IN

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